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Delilah’s House provides magazine-quality photo retouching that will make you look just like someone right out of a high-profile glam magazine. Our goal is to provide exceptional retouching that is virtually undetectable to the untrained eye. Our team has many years of experience with graphic and digital design, which has given us the remarkable skills to provide magazine-quality work for the everyday woman.


Delilah’s House edits all of your chosen photos using our Standard Photo Retouching services. Standard photo retouching includes all-over skin smoothing for a flawless yet natural appearance and unique color enhancements to make sure your images pop!


Because we have perfected our unique editing techniques and style and are able to finish your photos in a timely manner. Any additional retouching which we call heavy retouching, will be on a per image basis request.  Heavy retouching is a high-quality professional service that utilizes advanced editing techniques that are used in real everyday magazine editing.  Because this service can be extremely intricate and time consuming, heavy retouching is an additional fee and this service is by request only.  Heavy retouching includes, but is not limited to, removing folding skin lines, stretch marks, cellulite etc.





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